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Michael Blakey is a musician, record producer, artist manager, YouTuber and entrepreneur. 


Born in London and growing up in Spain, Michael started his career in music. He came to the United States with a vast array of musical experience, including being an accomplished drummer, music promoter and a hit-making music producer. 


Michael turned his lifelong passion for entertainment into his business.

Over his career, Michael successfully created three record labels, produced, played on and promoted numerous gold and platinum selling records. He co-founded 2KSounds (one of the very first online record labels) and utilized the Internet for music distribution. After the success of this new concept, 2KSounds entered into a joint venture with Virgin Records and Michael became President of the Record Division. Michael’s entertainment career has continued to evolve and expand to include Artist Management, TV/Film production and numerous other entertainment-related endeavors. 

In 2017, together with Adam Swords, Michael started the YouTube channel “ProducerMichael” to share his experiences and motivate others. Michael has always been passionate about the finer things in life, including: supercars, watches, aviation, luxury properties and more. Now at over half a million subscribers and 70+ million accumulated views, Michael’s mission is to inspire as many people as possible to be … “In it to win it”.


Hailing from the UK, Adam started his career as a commercial advertising photographer, specializing in high end automotive and luxury lifestyle. 


At just 22 years old Adam was commissioned by Honda Motorcycles to shoot a global advertising campaign for the 20th Anniversary Fireblade. From that point on, his career took off and Adam was shooting campaigns for brands including Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Callaway Golf, Nokia and many more.

Having always wanted to explore the opportunities in America, Adam traveled to Los Angeles in 2016 and by chance found himself on a Sunday morning super car drive where he met Michael. After a brief chat and a subsequent meeting at Michael's Hollywood office, Adam was signed by Electra Star Talent with Michael as his new manager. 

After moving to LA Adam continued his photography career and in the Summer of 2017, Adam approached Michael with the idea of starting the ProducerMichael YouTube channel, a fly-on-the-wall look at the life of the rich and famous. They would go on to combine Adam's talents in film production and YouTube experience with Michael's wacky persona, extensive experience in business and unrestricted access to all of the luxury and opulence Los Angeles has to offer.

Adam lives at the beach in Hermosa and drives a stripped out Mercedes turbo-diesel track car, which he built himself.

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